i spent the most formative years of my life in vermont, traveling all over the northeast - mainly in the mountains. if you’ve been lucky enough to spend time in vermont, you know how special it is. simply put, it’s made me who i am today.

the story behind this brand is not as simple as me just preferring whole milk in my coffee. although i DO drink whole milk in my coffee.

Dairy Girl Summer was a fun catch phrase i came up with on a late night walk with you guys after giving oat milk the boot. i came out and said hey guys, f*ck this, i love milk. Dairy Girl Summer evolved into Dairy Girl and Dairy Boy - i didn’t want the guys to be left out! what started as a simple phrase became my first crack at merch before growing it into an elevated brand.

although Dairy Boy was inspired by the movement to go back to whole milk (tbh i never stopped drinking it lol), the brand has a much deeper meaning of comfort and nostalgia. it reminds me of vermont. it reminds me of when i used to ride horses to go say hi to the dairy cows on the other side of the stable. it reminds me of the trucker hats we wore as skiers, and how much i loved stealing boys oversized sweatshirts. it reminds me of how much I LOVE FARMS (ethical ones), and lastly how much i love the people and farmers who continue their family tradition of sustainably harvesting produce for their family and hometowns.

after i quit skiing and left the mountains, i moved to new york and thought i had to recreate myself - be someone else, someone new. well, here’s a reminder you don’t! it’s cool to be who you are. it's cool to be proud of where you’re from even if it’s the middle of nowhere.

a Dairy Boy or a Dairy Girl isn’t someone who likes milk (but its cool if you do!) - it’s someone who shamelessly enjoys life’s simple pleasures and embraces what makes them happy.